DIY Industrial Toilet Paper Holder

Hi, Welcome to Brasseux’s Hardware first blog post!
Today I wanted to show you how to do a simple Toilet Paper Roll Holder in an industrial style. Everything that you need for this project can also be purchased here at Brasseux’s Hardware.

The Materials you’ll need for this project are as follows…blg1

• ½ Black Iron Flange
• ½ Black Iron 90 Degree Elbow
• ½ Black Iron 5” Nipple
• ½ Black Iron 2” Nipple
• ½ Black Iron Cap
• Fast Drying Polyurethane – Clear Satin
• 4 No.10 x ¾ Wood Screws
• A piece of Wood cut to any size you desire. We found a scrap piece of 1×5 Cypress that we used for ours.
• 2” Poly Form Brush
• Drill

FIRST STEP: The first thing you want to do is prepare the wood. How this is done is basically up to you. We loved this piece of Cypress so much we really didn’t want to do anything to it other than seal it. But you can paint you piece, stain it or anything else you desire. We used a quick drying Polyurethane on ours with a Satin coat, so there was a hint of gloss in the wood. Sand your piece of wood until you are satisfied with the feel of the wood and you do not have any splinters. Now dip your foam brush into the polyurethane and gently apply to the wood in long strokes the same direction. The reason I chose a poly brush was because it was cheap and it allowed me to get inside the crevices of the wood easier than a regular brush. In the time-lapse video you’ll see at the end of this post, you will have noticed we started attaching to the wood immediately after coating the wood. You can do that if you wish, but the Polyurethane will be very sticky for 4 hours and yotp holderu can leave thumbprints in the wood if you are not careful. Again, it’s up to you on how you want to proceed.

SECOND STEP: Now we want to attach the flange to the wood. Place the flange where you desire on the wood. Use your drill on the wood screws on the already pre-made holes on your flange to secure it to the wood.

THIRD STEP: Next we want to insert the 2” long nipple into the flange. Hand tightening is fine. If you use a wrench, you run the risk of damaging the metal and since this is purely for aesthetics, we don’t want that! Now attach the elbow to the nipple, again hand tighten until you have it in the right position and there’s no chance of the elbow moving or slipping from position.

FINAL STEP: Now screw in the 5” nipple into the elbow and as always, hand tighten. Once that’s in place, screw on the cap! The cap not only serves for a cool look, it will prevent any cuts or abrasions from brushing up against the end of a nipple, which sometimes can be quite sharp.

So, there you have it! A simple, inexpensive and quick way of making a unique Toilet Paper Roll Holder! Now if you don’t want to bother with the effort of making one yourself, we also sell the whole thing put together. So, stop by at Brasseux’s Hardware! Your Everything Store!